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Itzpapalotl & 
The Obsidian egg.

The use of the obsidian egg as a healing and spiritual tool is primarily associated with Mesoamerican cultures, especially the Aztecs. Obsidian, a natural volcanic glass, was highly valued by the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican civilizations for its practical and esoteric properties.

Unlike the jade and rose quartz yonis that are used during the day to make pelvic floor exercises. The obsidian yoni is used during the night while we are sleeping and has a complete different meaning: It allows us to enter the dark spectrum of our unconscious to reveal the repressed contents of the feminine.

This one-day intensive course, followed by guidance during three months is designed to guide participants on a deep journey of self-discovery and healing, using the obsidian yoni egg as a central tool to absorb and cleanse the feminine shadow. Combining teachings on the shadow from Jungian psychology with ancestral practices from Aztec cosmology, this course offers a transformative and practical experience.

Who can attend this course? Menstruating bodies.

Understanding the Feminine Shadow in Mesoamerican Cultures:

  • Explore the concept of the shadow and its relevance in daily life.

  • Introduction to the teachings of Itzpapalotl and Tezcatlipoca. 

Understanding Obsidian Energy:

  • Learn the brief history and symbolism of the obsidian egg in Aztec culture.

  • Discuss the nature of the shadow, including repressed aspects and their impact.

  • Identify personal shadow aspects through guided reflection.

Guide to Using the Obsidian Egg:

  • Practical guide on how to cleanse, charge, and prepare the obsidian egg for use.

  • Learn the technique for safe insertion.

  • Step-by-step guidance for a three-month healing experience.

Integrative Practices:

  • Perform exercises and rituals to integrate the work done during the course.

  • Experience unique sound journeys and guided meditations to support the three-month healing process.

  • Join us on this journey of discovery and healing, where ancient wisdom meets modern practice in a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.


All material (Your obsidian yoni egg, Sound Journey Itzpapaolotl, Guided Meditations.)

Vegan lunch + Drinks on the day of the workshop

Three monthly encounters, and weekly support with Cristina.

When:   20 of July 2024 from 7 PM to 10 PM 

(Monthly encounte: Last Sunday of August, September & October)

Location: Berlin, TBA

(Obsidian Egg Included)

Price:  180 Euros 

Price Early Bird: 140 Euros (Until 8th July)

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