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About Mitotili

“Bridging Mexican Ancestral Wisdom and Healing Practices”


 Mitotili, derived from the Mexican Nahuatl Huichol term meaning sacred ritual and ceremony, is a transformative project by multi disciplinary artist Cristina Bucardo that aims to connect ancient Mexican wisdom with modern healing practices.

It serves as a secure space where individuals can establish meaningful connections while integrating traditional Mexica energetic work with a contemporary expression of Prehispanic music.

"I was brought up in a Catholic family in Mexico with Indigenous roots, from a young age, my family introduced me to Eschatology classes, where I delved into intriguing concepts like the immortality of the soul, rebirth, the power of the mind, and the migration of the soul. This early exposure sparked a deep passion for spirituality and heightened my sensitivity to the unseen realms and the world around me.

As I entered adulthood, I felt a powerful pull to embrace the healing traditions of my family. Raised amidst the practice of Curanderismo by my grandmother Maria Eugenia ,grand father Fransico aunt, and my uncle Pepe from both my maternal and paternal side I was drawn to follow in their footsteps. Yet, beyond our family's lineage, I felt a deep connection to the Mexica Healing knowledge of my ancestors, propelling me to delve deeper into this ancient wisdom.

Guided by the teachings of my elders and the whispers of my heritage, I embarked on a journey of exploration for the last decade immersing myself in the rituals and traditions passed down through generations, I sought to honor the legacy of my ancestors while discovering my own path as a healer with my own essense and creativity. With each step, I felt the presence of those who came before me, igniting a flame within me to carry their wisdom forward into the world.

While I find all religions fascinating, I feel a profound affinity for the wisdom of the ancient Toltec and aztec civilization in Mesoamerica. Their profound understanding of the dream state and mastery of the self have always captivated me. I deeply admire their cosmic vision and their ability to comprehend the universe in a unique way.

In today's world, where sound healing is emerging as a popular new age and universal holistic practice, I have made it my mission to preserve the ancestral healing traditions of Mexico in my sessions. I believe it's crucial to pass down these practices to future generations, and I consider it an honor to continue learning from and embracing my own culture.

My great teachers on the path have been Sergio Magana, Eliseo Cheo Torres,Anthony Kessner, Tony Nec, Maria Cristina Bolivia ,and Helene Fleming.

My life's journey has been a rich tapestry of spiritual exploration and creative expression, and I am committed to continuing this lifelong quest for knowledge, healing, and connection with my heritage."

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