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Energy Cleansing

Reset your Teotolontli 
(Aura, Energy Sphere)

Energetic Cleansing is perfect if you need some help eliminating accumulated energies in your aura or the space around you. Getting in the habit of removing the negative, chaotic energy that surrounds you could make you and your space feel lighter, brighter, and more creative.

Do you ever feel like you're a magnet for attracting, wrong people, negative energy or situations? It's important to take the time to transmute and release these energies, as they can affect your health and quality of life. 


Clearing dense energy and connecting with source energy sharpens our intuition and clarity so that we can use our own inner guide to answer important questions. Cultivating these tools helps us navigate life and relationships with greater ease and grace. You live your life through the voice of your soul. An energetic cleansing session promotes harmony and balance in your life, will awake your intuition, aligns you to prosperity and blessings, lifts your mood, tune back your energy health and well being. 


About the session

We will first establish a conversation and set an intention together. What do you want this cleansing to help you release? How do you want your home to feel? 
Normally, a few passes are made over your body using sacred elements such as feathers, incense or plants, essences that help to release and transmute any energy that is out of balance or that is disturbing you, whether physical, mental or emotional. I also use an egg to absorb external energies and interpret blockages, and guide the session with ancestral instruments like drums or percussions. 


Similar process goes to each room of your house using other elements such as salt or copal. Is it possible to clean animals and objects as well. 



50 Euros - 45 minutes       Individual Cleansing

60 Euros -  45 minutes      Houses or Space cleanse

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