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Gong Bath

Reset your Tonal 
(Sun Body)

Gong baths, an ancient form of meditation, offer a deeply rejuvenating experience where participants are immersed in the healing vibrations of sound. This therapeutic practice traces its roots back to ancient cultures, with records of gong usage dating as far back as ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times.


The profound effects of gong baths are well-documented. They induce a profound sense of relaxation, effectively reducing stress and enhancing one's ability to cope with life's challenges. Moreover, gong baths have the potential to release emotional blockages resulting from trauma, fostering emotional healing and growth.

The healing and balancing properties of gong overtones extend to various levels of our being—mental, emotional, and energetic. By partaking in this sound therapy, you can reach a state of deep relaxation, replenishing your energy reserves and restoring vitality.


About the session

Introducing "Tonalli Gong Bath"—a unique ritual experience designed to cleanse our Tonal (or Sun Body/Conscious Self) from all that is unnecessary. By releasing dense emotions like rage, jealousy, and anger, this practice offers a remarkable energy-saving opportunity. This newfound energy opens the pathway to a heightened vision, enabling us to perceive subtle signals from the outside world, originating from the Nagual (or Moon Body/Unconscious).

Through Tonalli Gong Bath, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-purification, shedding the burdens of negativity and embracing a renewed sense of clarity and inner peace. Allow the resonating gong vibrations to wash over you, creating a sacred space for healing and introspection. Experience the harmony of your conscious and unconscious self, and discover the profound potential within.



50 Euros- 60 minutes       Individual Sessions

22 Euros - 60 minutes      Groups

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