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Cacao Ceremony

Open your Yollotl
(Heart Energy)

Let us unite in a sacred gathering for a transformative Cacao Ceremony and a profound sound journey to realign the energies within us and open our hearts to inner healing and growth.

The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), native to the lush tropical regions of North and South America, holds a significant place in the history of indigenous tribes throughout the continent. Among the Mayan and Aztec cultures, cacao was revered for its nutritional and ceremonial value, often referred to as 'The food of the gods.'


During this powerful ceremony, we will receive the medicine of cacao, a sacred gift that communicates with our heart and soul. Cacao has the potential to aid in integrating trauma and ancestral wounds, fostering profound emotional healing and spiritual connection.

Rooted in tradition and wisdom passed down through generations, the Cacao Ceremony nurtures a deep reverence for the Earth and the interconnected web of life that surrounds us. It embodies a sacred art, resonating with the heart and soul, creating a bridge between the human experience and the natural world.

Within the sacred space of the ceremony, participants embark on a journey of unity, recognizing the sacredness in every breath, in every tree, in every creature, and in every sunrise.


About the session

After experiencing the transformative effects of cacao, we will find ourselves in a comfortable position, ready to embark on a deep and soulful sound journey guided by Mitotili Sound. This resonant journey will expertly clear our energetic and emotional blocks, leading us to heightened inner awareness, clarity, and inner peace.



28 Euros - 90 minutes 

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