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Crystal Bowls & Tuning Forks Xochitl

Balancing your Totonalcayos (Energy centres, Chakras)

Crystal Bowls & Tuning Therapy is ideal for anyone who would like to recalibrate into vibrational alignment (Physical, emotional and mental) with the power of pure frequency tones. 

The bio field is the energetic field that surrounds the human body. Crystal bowls & Tuning Forks is a sound therapy based on the principle that everything in the Universe is made of vibration.​

Our body itself is full vibration. When we get sick is because we have gone out of tune, our natural frequencies of the body have gone out of balance. ​


Crystal Bowls & Tuning therapy is perfect for reducing stress and anxiety, relax muscles tensions, balance nervous system, help sleep disorders, adjust digestive problems, release physical trauma, and help inflammatory issues. Tuning forks help tune the body back to its natural harmony, and help the energetic field heal itself back. 


About the session

We will first establish a conversation and set an intention together. How have you been feeling lately physically and emotionally? Based on that, I chose carefully the frequencies that I want to work with the tuning forks. Each frequency represents a different level of mind, spirit and consciousness, and has unique healing properties. You will then lay down in a comfortable space and enjoy the healing vibration of sound in your body and around your bioenergetic field. The session ends with a bath of Crystal bowls healing frequencies and koshi chimes. 



80 Euros - 60 minutes 

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